They’re Selling Puce

Some online retailers are rockin’ the puce this year but of course, they don’t call it that. At least…the American ones don’t.

I just bought a longsleeve tee from Eddie Bauer that is a perfect shade of puce purple…a deep, but not too dark, purple with just a hint of red, muted with grey and heathered. EB calls it “Regency Purple,” which is perfect, as this color was popular during the Regency period in England.

Lands End is selling any number of puce shades. One of the most spot-on is their puce pink, the color that most people think of as puce these days if they’re smart enough to know that puce isn’t green. (I like to call puce pink “greyish magenta” — if it isn’t muted, I don’t consider it puce, although some do.) Lands End calls their puce pink “French Orchid.” Both French and English fashion plates from the late 1700s feature puce pink, though these plates just call it “puce” and do not attempt to distinguish it, name-wise, from the darker shades.

Lands End also has a shade very close to puce purple called “rich eggplant” , and a dark puce red they call shiraz in their sweaters and rose red in their outerwear.

They’re selling puce brown stretch pants called “raisin” and a French puce brown dress called “cinnamon bark.”

Land’s End’s raspberry plum is so close to puce I want to call it that, but it’s not muted with grey or brown so I can’t sanction it.

Lands End Canvas has a French puce sweater in a shade they call Burnt Cinnamon — it’s halfway between brown and red-orange.

LL Bean Signature is selling a poplin dress in an unusual puce red they call “Black Cherry.”


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